Armchair politics


Haha “think”… :rofl:


Maybe thinktank is tory rhyming slang?


That would explain Gove’s role anyway.






Make your mind up. He was a cunt last month…


I’m trying very hard to use the c word sparingly


Conservative (Cuntservative even)?


Both are represented by a cock




Still with 0.1% growth at least the economy is doing well.

These latest figures will look tremendous by this time next year.

@stu Was it you that bought Homebase for £1? I’d have gone to £2 but forgot it was ending.


Yes,will be turning the Plymouth one into an astro turf centre


Nice work from Richard Madely.


Yes very good. I now think Madeley is only 99% cunt :grinning:


Make a point of watching the News tonight to see Chris Grayling making a complete cunt of himself in the HoC today. He was left to swing in the breeze by the Tory backbenchers who nearly joined in the Labour heckling. He has a wonderful ‘Inspector Dreyfus’ facial tic going which is really funny.

When asked to fire Network Rail’s bosses, Grayling claimed to be so angry that anyone found negligent in their job would not be allowed to continue. Cue howls of laughter from the opposition benches, a collective wince from the Goverment side and a facial disco from Grayling. Feckin’ wonderful…


Now that there is to be a parliamentary debate on NI abortion, is the DUP support, and hence the government, over?


I loved the way he basically said it was a total clusterfuck but he wasn’t in any way to blame.:roll_eyes:


Yet another totally fucking worthless, oxygen wasting Minister. Un fucking believable, UK politics.


Wacky Racists