On Sunday I found myself at the Rauschenberg exhibition at the Tate Modern. I tried to like it, but found it was mostly a right load of old bollocks.
The exhibition of Elton John’s photograph collection was very good though. 'Specially the Man Ray stuff.

I am looking forward to visiting the Reina Sofia at the weekend. Not sure if we will bother with the Prado. Depends how much time we have.

Never mind all that cultural bollox, is she sore yet?


Good to know you were well sophisticated while banned. :+1:

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The Breugel & Hieronymous Bosch pieces in the Prado are worth a look.

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Small daily repeated intrigue of this on the wall.

Larger echo on wooden boards too, but no image.

He has minimalised colour over time.

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I feel like I should want to go to the David Hockney retrospective. I do like much of his work but I’m not passionate enough it seems to drive up…Anyone been?

I quite like that.

We plan to go soon.

Three types of blues at once would make me wish to hear it.

Too many diving boards.

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No but I have seen some of his work at Saltaire, s’orright I s’pose.
I’d be much more interested in what Mr MWS would do.
Would he cleave Stronzetto in two and picklie him in formaldehyde?
A performance art work perhaps, involving Muscle Girl and Tracy Emin’s unmade bed?


Make sure you don’t break anything…remember you do have a track record of destroying small works of art :stuck_out_tongue:


Some impressive and imaginative art in this thread. Like it.

Guided tour of the Garden of Earthly Delights by Bosch which Bumtell should not miss at the Prado.


Saw the Path to Guernica exhibition at the Reina Sofia, which was very good. Enjoyed a lot of the other stuff there.
Didn’t have too long at the Prado, but the Bosch bit was rather excellent.

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One of my favourite paintings - Windmill at Wijk by Jacob van Ruisdael (I have a copy)