Astra appreciation thread


My first company car was an Astra saloon diesel that I had forgotten about, it was a 4 year old pool car given to me when I started at Siemens, normally aspirated diesel so went like a dead slug. I had to drive it everywhere in 3rd gear before it finally blew the head gasket and could order a brand new car.


According to Matt’s statistics, 1 in 20 Astras had siemens inside them


The Kondo of cars makes curb crawling convenient.


Christ, is that an actual thing?




“The Heku-Carcamp model has been updated substantially since this one was built and is still in production. A new one costs around €22,500 and you will need a more recent Vauxhall Astra to couple it too – the most powerful diesel model is recommended.”

Sadly their website is down so perhaps they made so much money they have retreated to their own snail like genius pods for a congratulatory wank.


Alien sucker caravan mounts Astra…


It’s as if @stu and @Ciderpig had started a car company…


Or the ultimate mobile bake off location!



Not enough brown. If that happened, I’d invest in brown. Purest brown.


Is that rarer than green?


Much, much more rare and valuable.


fixed to make it more accurater :thumbsup:






Warning - High P0rn content do not click on link in work




Surely this is the best thread ever


Not safe for work though. unadulterated pRon most of it.