Attention Coffin Dodging DIY ers (you just cant get proper workmen these days)

Attention all you over 60s tighter than a camel’s arse B&Q Diamond Discount Club members.
Need a Man (or Woman) Shed to escape to?
Always fancied one of them there new fangled battery drills?
Nothing you like more than a nice box of screws (Imperial) with matching Rawlplugs?
Spades seen better days and your fork’s about fucked?

You’ve got a fortnight to still get your 10% OFF on a Wednesday at B&Q.
Ends September 3rd 2018.
Fill yer slippers chaps.


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Just a few weeks before my 60th :roll_eyes:.


Doesn’t affect me for a good while yet but I’ll let @stu know. :+1:


Make sure to stress it doesnt affect you for a while :grin:

I will. I know there’s a commode he was after & this discount might just bring it within reach.

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Worth checking if the 10% off covers products from Tena


Anyone know where I can get a decent sized ladder. I can’t seem to find anything that extends beyond 7.5 meters and I need to paint an 18 meter soil pipe.

Thanks Gregg, I looked at them but they only go up to 8m.

That’s because ladders are dangerous. Even 8m is quite risky.


A quick google shows you shouldn’t go higher than 9m with a standard ladder.

Not really my area but I am sure Jim and others will make suggestions. A rented tower may have to be used for example.

Thing is, other options are more expensive - zip tower hire, elevated work platform hire etc, but you’ll not be able to spend the difference anyway if your head is splattered across the concrete…you know it makes sense Paul.

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Hmm :thinking:
What would Fred Dibnah do?
I know 60ft is quite high for a ladder, but it doesn’t look that excessive from the ground. I used to help a guy fit TV aerials when I was a teen and I’m sure we had ladders much higher than 8 meters. Thing is it’s just to paint a rusty soil pipe. Scaffolding would mean adding other work just to justify the cost and hassle.
Height has become a homeowner’s nightmare. I should have listened to the wife and bought a bungalow.

What’s a zip tower?

60ft up a ladder, rather you than me!

I feel uneasy standing on the 4th rung when im clearing moss out of the guttering on our ground floor extension.

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Like this…


It doesn’t look as bad as it sounds, although, I don’t mind heights but have to admit my legs went a bit wobbly while hanging over the roof contemplating climbing down it.

We’ll have to disagree.
Sod that.


No chance I would go up a ladder that high. As it appears to be cast iron I would live with the rust or if you want to give a nice name patina until you need to do a bigger job justifying a zip tower.

Ooh :heart_eyes: I like that, how high can you go with one of those?

haha, Fred is the Godwin of ladder threads…60 foot is far too high for a ladder.

Probably too high for a zip tower too.