Audi R8


Should I? Shouldn’t I?


Yes chop in the used flat beetle. Get a flat A4/Golf.


Thanks for the advice cheshirevilevoboy. :+1:


Go for it ! These Porches are getting as common as anything here, everybody’s got one.


For some reason I consider the R8 less cunty than the Porker. No idea why though.


It’s. An. Audi :flushed:


Buy a TT and then you can build yourself an expensive SUT, LCR Phono and whatever takes your fancy from the change. Isn’t a R8 just a TT for AA sized people anyway.


These are getting cheaper used… As an alternative.



Lol, no, nothing like a TT. A TT is a flat golf/a3, R8 is more like a baby Lamborghini Gallardo.


Jesus fuck no! Might as well have a siren on top blaring ‘I’m a cunt with no taste’




You got there first!


No. For “Perfect Stevie” reasons :rage:


Something in me dies at the thought of buying an Audi. But the R8 does seem nice (apart from the A4/A5 interior)


Just look at it!!!


yeah but no but… Ok. It is as ugly as you say.


Except it’s not is it? It’s a flat A4.


Isn’t that what you already have? :rofl:


Yeah, because the A4 is mid engined? FFS.

Your knowledge of cars is second only to your knowledge of hifi. :rofl:


Porker then R8? It’s only a matter of time, so why not go straight to this…