Audi R8


You’d have to move to Cheshire though…


For curb crawling comfort the A8 is masterful


Go for it.


Because you know nothing about cars. The 911 is definitely rounder in mouth.


I have zero interest in modern cars tbh, they are all over compensating and boring. No R8 or 911 will be as much fun as a basic Caterham, Atom or Westfield. Either go the whole hog or go Volvo in my book.


If the seller negotiates as well as he can focus a camera, you could get a bargain here…


While this is true, I do go on road trips and prefer to stay dry as much as possible. The 911 is an amazing all rounder, the R8 a bit less so.


FFS get a coat and some shatter proof sunglasses.



Err… no. Crappy American shite can fuck right off.


I take it the ‘service’ bill was a tad more than you expected? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yep, I know. Just great fun spending other folks money on cars ! I’ve got far more stupid suggestions.


Not had it yet and no, doesn’t really have any bearing this. I’m just thinking about it.


While he’s always wrong about everything, there is something to be said for a car that’s fun at legal speeds…


This’ll break down. A lot. But fuck it, will be as exciting as setting fire to ones underpants whilst wearing them.


I am confused. It was you that put me off these at Edd’s. :smiley:


Stupid heavy steering and clutch. Doors randomly lock you in or out, headlights fill up with water and the electrics never all work.

Ideal. :grin:


Another stupid one from me. Should be just about enough budget to buy this plus a coat & rucksack.


Only so I could go and get one. :rofl: This is really a ploy to get you lot to convince me I need one.

It’s the interior. :face_vomiting: And that it’s an Audi. :sob:


Ideal for areas with speedbumps like Luton :joy: