Audi R8


I blew my car budget on a £2k Lexus. :grin:

I think I’d want a DS first too.


Dream car for me. If I had a house with outside space and a garage then I would be constantly dropping hints to the wife that I needed that SM in my life.


Bloke considers German sports car with hard suspension. Thread turns into pics of French sofa on wheels…


Lotus Evora £29490




Lotus Exige 0 to 60 in 3.2 secs.


Drove one around Gaydon test track. I would not want to drive that anywhere else but a track tbh. It is very basic.


Yep, as you get older, you need a bit of luxury with your speed. :smiley:


Isn’t that what the X3 is for? No wait…


Just get the Citroen SM, at least then people won’t think you are one of the boring German car driving cunts.


Now this will suit Pete. :heart_eyes:


Your amp just doubled in price :grinning:


one of them gave me the beans this morning at some traffic lights…sounded nice. Then all I saw of it was in my rear view mirror


we had a very dangerous junction here and now its been totally redone , reason is some plonker hired an R8 and killed a lady on the junction . for some reason i think about that when i think of this lovely car






Did it have a puncture, or was it going in the opposite direction?


Probably just stopped accelerating when the speed limit was reached.


Turning right


Happy to read this, I guess either way you’ll be happy with your car.
Checked some german forums, overall, most experiences are very positive. There were some engine issues with MY 2008, some negative feedback on the gear changes of the R-Tronic. Reporting of 17+ litres/100 km, others 20-25 litres. One 997 owner guessing his change to R8 will result in higher ownership cost towards EUR 1250 per month. He went for a black R8.

Few thinking the V8 somewhat underpowered for it’s class. Interior looking too similar to other Audis. So, all in all, that’s what Germans call high level nit picking, have read many favourable feedback from owners.
I guess you know already, for (Sep) 2019 the new 992 is scheduled. It might have an impact on S/H market prices in case you want to stick to the brand and move to the next gen?