Audi R8


Not low enough, needs a chop.


Still unnecessary. Coffee: stop at a cafe, have an espresso while looking stylish, carry on. Wine: stop at a bar or restaurant, have a glass of wine while looking stylish, carry on.

Trust me as an Alfa owner, who is therefore by definition a paragon of style and elegance.


I like this bit.

911’s are okay. R8’s a bit sad. Don’t be sad. Be summat else.


Fixt/repaired :+1:




The 12 month Audi warranty looks a decent option. So take that £2.3k, add £700 insurance (optimistic?) divide it by the estimated mileage, say 3,000, and realise that you are paying a quid a mile plus petrol. Is that good value? I have no idea.


3000 miles? That’s 4 Turans a week. Hmm. Probably doable.


You could probably get a 97 plate mk 3 Astra with 200k on the clock if you trade in the Porsche and don’t mind 4 figure monthly payments til 2029


I so want. but I can’t find a model that matches my good taste in footwear


You’d only get the 1.4 for that mind, not the magnificence that is the 1.6 16 valve


Possibly get the 1.6 merit,but you can forget the roof bars and wheel trims


I only ever got as high up as the 1.3 GL. And some jealous lowlife scumbag knicked my wheel trims.


Probably just as well,you have to take an advanced driving test for anything over the 1.4 these days.
Annoying,but you can’t just let anyone drive something that gutsy


There was one guy… At the Astra owner’s club meet, there was a mysterious character, dressed in black, cowboy boots. The fog parted, and in he drove. It was… A mark 3 1.6 GL. Made a noise somewhere between a v8 and a coffee percolator. He never stopped, just rolled on by. We knew we had been in the presence of driving legend.



Upgrade to this.



:heart_eyes: hnnggggggggggg


Do it.


A beauty, fuel injection and manual gearbox :ok_hand:t2: