Audi R8


I suspect the R8 is something you could get out of your system by hiring one for a weekend. £500 job done.


But these are the reasons why it’s not a ££££££ Lambo


Possibly. Need to go for a test drive and see if I like it.




Out of my price range. By all account V8 is very good anyway.


Get the train


This next one will probably provide no driving pleasure whatsoever. But will impress everyone in the pub who asks what you drive, and you reply ‘Messerschmitt’


Nahhhhh. Don’t be daft. You have the ultimate sports car as it is.

I like the R8. It sounds fantastic. However , I think that it looks a bit dated already (especially the early ones).

Add in the lack of practicality( 2 seats and no boot I assume), the price of parts (only available via main dealer perhaps?) and the cost of maintenance (main dealer again I guess) and I’d give it a miss.


You just described a 911.


I don’t think they look dated at all!

I think you’re right thought, it’s probably be a daft move. But I feel the need to check it out. Can always get another 911


Remember when you advised me to buy a Lamborghini Gallardo at £38,000 a few years back and I didn’t now look at the prices. :sob:


WRONG. 911 has 4 seats and a usable boot. You can fit a large bag (think 50 inches x 40 inches in the boot, plus a few other bits, plus a bag or two on the rear seats / shelf. Plus it’ll take a roof rack.The wife and I went away in mine to Germany / Switzerland for 10 days without any problem at all luggage wise. Plus you can fit a roof rack if needs be as it has built in rack points.

Parts are easy to get via Eurocarparts, Autodoc etc etc. Porsche independents are commonplace and of a good standard.


If you had bought it you’d have had to have fitted a new gear box, clutch and engine by now.


I could see the logic of going for a Turbo.


Have you seen the prices now?


The rear seats are an instrument of torture if you put actual human beings in them.


Agreed. I wasn’t suggesting otherwise. I said you can put luggage on them. They are also useful for taking a few mates 10 mins down the road to the pub, or for children upto say age 7 or 8.


Who legally need to be on a car seat? Can you isofix something in?


I certainly cannot talk, but I can’t see Pete getting Adam & Jim in the back of a 911, even if it is with the incentive of going to the pub!


The V10s sound f’ing awesome. Go for it.