Audio Note UK

Article on Audionote UK here with lots of photos


Couldn’t see any badgers?

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Daytime only


Tony Whittle brought a more ambitious system along to last weekend’s 3 Counties records & Hifi Fair than ANUK usually take to the HiFi shows. This was the full monty TT3 with 3 power supplies and their (ANUK’s) take on the Ongaku.

Adam Smith (Beobloke) had his Nakamichi Dragon TT there too doing that record centring thing.


Now that’s a TT I lust after :heart_eyes:

Which one? The Dragon or the TT3?

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There can be only one…

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This Nak is more entertaining. More coloured lights & shit.

Doesn’t sound great on this video though!


Yeah the Dragon :dragon:

How much is their Ongaku Guy?

Although I would rather have this

not great engleesh given its listed as Barking - it is on audio woof though so …

or more wallet friendly

More wallet friendly, but a long way off an Ongaku, I would suggest

Positively “Entry” level :thinking:

Are they standard speakers ?

Not sure what spec they were tbh. Tony occasionally looks in here, he may tell us.

Are audio Everest genuine ?

Anyone tried them.