Audionote JP S9 SUT


Thread bump. Still not for sale.


I definitely wouldn’t offer you £800 for this.


Nor would I, wouldn’t dream of it, never crossed my mind. :scream::thinking:


Not interested at that price either.

Even if I needed one.

Which I don’t.


Can I use it on sites to run a couple of drills off?




off of.


Fock of


Can you throw in a mains cable?


Sale needs more oiling


I think all who are interested in seeing it should pay £800 pounds each for the OP to burn it and the post the video here.


Is he planning on plugging it into an NVA phono stage?


Badoom tish.


Though that was a review of his speakers.


Had a look at that poor cunt’s forum a couple of days’ ago, and he really is - no vituperation, I mean this as no insult - quite severely mentally-ill. Paranoia, multiple personalities, neurosis, egomania, narcissistic personality disorder - it’s all there and I suspect more. I’m not the most caring cunt stealing oxygen from others on this ball of rock, but I worry about him, and pity him. He’s really very unwell inside his scull. :open_mouth:


Am I right in thinking he once worked for Naim? It is difficult to imagine how that was at all successful for him unless he more recently stopped taking medication.


I find the minions more amusing, he will state some random brain fart ramblings and they lap it all up and repeat verbatim.

It’s the online version of the Manson cult.


You are presumably aware they are mainly him replying to his own posts?


Yes I know he does that, ironically he accuses other forums of doing this as well.


Please keep on topic chaps.