Bakewell - it’s all about the icing. And the jam

It’s time. Get your favourite supermarket cheapies, the posh ones and the best recipes down here.

Should they be a slice or a tart? Should there be a cherry? Should they be iced or dusted?

Why bakewell? Well, they are British and arguably (:grinning:) our finest confection, we couldn’t really do a pasteis de nata thread because the best ones are in Portugal. Bakewells are also incorruptible with bacon, sriracha and other shit. I hope. :rage:


None. They are ALL shit.


I wouldn’t make those kinds of wild assumptions here. These people are savages.
Curry sauce with Fish & Chips FFS!

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Bakewell pudding surely?


Must be Cherry

You have to go to Bakewell and get one.

It’s the only way.


you can also get a bakewell pudding. We enjoyed our visit to Bakewell

but I have to be careful, as I’m allergic to Strawberries.

That’s what I meant. The tart is a bastard child of the pudding.
The area is lovely.

Everywhere sells them. Unsurprisingly.

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Ha ha, I love a challenge :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


you specifically in mind. :tired_face::grin:

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You just know a hipster somewhere is producing bacon jam and candied bacon Bakewells :upside_down_face:

Are hipsters still a thing?

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I reckon a bakewell would be nice topped with crispy unsmoked bacon lardons.

Bakewell and Bacon casserole ftw :+1:

Bakewell as doorstop FTW.

Or not, think you forgot about Eccles cakes :+1:

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too many dead flies

Post Brexit we’ll all be thankful for flies

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Bought this very day, behold the holy tart of Kipling. Tis a miracle!

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Maybe I should re-name the thread ban-well. :rage:

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