Bakewell - it’s all about the icing. And the jam

Mastication is a joy. When I had my face re-arranged a while ago, all I could eat was soup and mush various for about 3 months afterwards. That put me off anything that isn’t chewable for life.

Mashed Bakewell and cream is the sort of crap you will eat when you are in a nursing home in a few years, best avoided until then. :+1:

Boundaries must be pushed and conformity be damned. What say ye to a sweet apricot jam instead of standard raspberry?



And so it begins. Just fuck off with your exotic flights of fancy.


You all said a brown ceiling wouldn’t work…

Innovate dont imitate.

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Says the man who denounced the very idea of a chocolate trifle.

Gateax. Some lines shouldnt be blurred.

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Funnily enough the recipe I’m looking at specifies Raspberry jam which does seem right.

Apricot jam is indicative of a man who has too many foreign holidays.


If I can dig out out some blind baking beans, I may try to make one tomorrow.

I don’t know if that is even how you would bake the base. I’m working on pure instinct here.

it’s the only way to bake. Eyes closed, full Zen.


I tried that once… :sob:

It involves using your nose as well. :smiley:

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I give fair warning, those of a nervous disposition look away now…

Un-iced squares of disappointment.


I went to Bakewell once. I tried a traditional tart. I was disappointed. No icing. No cherry.

Cheap, iced and with a glacé cherry are the only requirements.

They are so ashamed of them they can’t quite bring themselves to call them Bakewell.

Prepare to meet the holy trinity. Bakewell, cats and vodka.


Heston should be held to account for his perversions


I agree. But Bakwell vodka. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I have some of the real stuff and it very much tastes like bakewell:

But Heston’s has added cat. The cat make me lol. I can’t stop lol-ing at the fucking cat’s expression. :rofl:


that cat reminds me of Marley - although he is still in training to become my butler and deliver cherry bakewell tarts on a silver platter

The expression has me also, but the state of those collars. :slight_smile:

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