BBQing tips (outside gas ovens: do one)


Looks very good.

I really like Memphis BBQ too.


Kansas BBQ I found a bit meh (probably chose the wrong place) - it was too slick and the new owners had focused on the image rather than the food.

As a general rule the scruffier the place looks the better the BBQ. Let the food do the talking!


I went to the BBQ world Championship Cook Off in Houston Texas once and had a great time.


We must send an Abattoir team!


Will be putting this on the to-do list.


I just dun a sex wee


I’m spent :astonished:




Lamb leg today. Plan is 80° for five hours or so, maybe less, or more; not experienced enough to tell! Finished temp 60° coz kids no like rare. Will roll it around over hot coals for Maillard purposes at the end. Smoke is cherry.


Lamb leg as well. 1.5 hours, then reassess. Beech smoke today.

Wet rub of N’duja, lemon, garlic and sel du vin…

Please note the use of table as a subtle wind break :+1:


Oh, get you ducky…:wink:

Why is there such a huge difference between wind break and break wind? :laughing:


Do the neighbours think you are mental? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Fuckin’ brahnin’ init :+1:


Oh I hope so, with any luck it’ll reinforce the idea that they should keep the fuck away from me.


Took somewhat less than five hours!


Will be round in 10 :+1:


That looks fucking lush. :stuck_out_tongue:

What did you rub it with?


I stuck to 1.5 hours with 1 hour rest…

Carved up a treat. Moist, pink and tasty. Beech smoke was a good partner…

N’duja was too strong in parts (but it was leftover from Arancini the other day). Next time will be simpler; garlic, anchovies, rosemary and lemon.


A mixture of mustard powder, fresh thyme, garlic, sugar, star anise, fresh rosemary, lemon zest, salt, pepper.

Mega. The rub and smoke added a really lovely but subtle flavour. Thanks to @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi for the influence.

Meat was from The Ginger Pig, I couldn’t face local… :smirk: I doubt his would be worse but Ginger Pig was eye wateringly expensive. I have been weighing up actual cost against the cost of time spent with a cunt.


Local butcher for ours. Locally sourced (4 miles from the shop) - 2.03 kg @ £27 is great value.


There’s one in Wanstead High St now - it replaced the trad family butcher that had been there for many years.

The meat is high quality, but as you say, very expensive.