Beatles “Now and Then “ single

Today we get the first listen to the last Beatles Song “Now and Then “ I watch a 12 minute snippet about on Tidal narration by Paul ,we get a few lines of the finished single …Radio 2 and 6 music play it first at 2 pm today also on Spotify,Apple Music and Amazon music

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That’s it Stu

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Yay :unamused:

Vastly overrated band makes one last attempt to grab more cash.


Neither here of there with the song but I like the story.

I like it. Beatles innit. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I listened to it and yeah, it’s Beatles, but at this point not groundbreaking or innovative so not that memorable really. I guess it’s significant in that it is the last of an era, though.

Certainly not going to hate on it as I’m sure lots will.


There is ‘something about it’, I like it.

I like it.

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Well. Half of ‘em might.

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Doesn’t need to be innovative, they did all that in their vastly overrated past. But it’s still definitely them and that sound resonates with me. :hugs:




Outstanding Beat = She Loves You
Outstanding Acoustic Folk = Blackbird
Outstanding Rock = Come together
Outstanding Psych = Tomorrow never knows

Any artist loitering in any of the above genres would have killed to write any of these (Not a definitive list by any means there’s so much to choose from it’s beyond a joke)


I like it and I like the accompanying video, very moving.


I like the Beatles
The new song is far from their best but it’s ok
It’s a nice story
Who knows who will be releasing albums from the grave now this technology exists.

I have a weird relationship with the the Beatles
I’ve only ever played one album at home which was two years ago (sgt pepper). Yet I seem to know nearly all there stuff off by heart.
It must of been everywhere in the 60s,and just pumped into me as a kid.

I do find it fascinating how they stretched themselves from the early 60s to 1970.

I often try to think of British bands who have been on a similar journey within just 10 years.

Bowie is obviously one through the 70s

It’s not even close, but talk talk are one of the only ones I can think of

Radiohead went from Pablo Honey to Kid A 1993-2000

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As Danny Baker has said Woodstock to the Sex Pistols was 7 years.
It is astonishing the variety of music and the change that took place in that time.


When you think that’s only when Bowie died til now time wise,it is amazing