Beautiful Things


That’s where I’m going next, Nokia for Android win win


Can some mod do some modding and get all these phone posts onto a phone thread.
there is nothing beautiful about a mobile phone - nothing.


No, there’s only about 5 and they’re relevant.


Photograph by Tunc Tezel


This is superb - taken from 16km away from Mount Teide and shown in real time.





That’s a very steady tripod ! (I’m thinking large concrete block.)



You’re probably right Graeme - it mentions a tripod in the blurb but as you say it’s rock solid for such a distance.



Sun dogs (parhelion) on the northern horizon at Casey Station Antarctica; ice crystals refracting sunlight, create bright spots either side of the Sun, pic Dominic Hall



Ready for the upcoming Battle of Brexit. Chocks away Ginger!


Fuck you. :slight_smile:




Sun pillar :+1:

One on Shetland a few days ago


I can’t stop imagining that bird’s feathers melting like at the end of Raiders


As a kid I was told about the ‘Green Flash’ when the sun sets into the sea. No matter where I have been I have looked for it and never seen it. The phenomena is however real


I always thought green flash was a type of plimsole from Dunlop.


I saw it once, in 1982, with a group of fellow students as we watched the sunset from Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh. We were on a laser science summer school so not exactly inexperienced optical observers. None of us took a photo though, so it was hard to eliminate the possibility that the effect, which we all saw, was due to a transient green after-image on the retina following the disappearance of the bright orange limb of the sun. That memory has stayed with me. But not as strongly as the memory of the heroic fried breakfast that a friend and I managed to keep down despite the epic hangover caused by the whisky tasting they organised for us. Some of the frailer students were unable to get out of bed for 36 hours.