Beautiful Things


Ruby Tailed Wasp


Hopkins River, Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia…


Captured in the amazing dead forest of Torres del Paine, Patagoniia, by Timothy Poulton.







I love moths but I would probably shit a brick if this fucker landed on me - an amazing Privet Hawk Moth. Has anybody ever seen one ?


We used to get the caterpillars when we first moved here in 2004, but I haven’t seen them (or the moths) for ten years. We have very little moth action these days (nights).


I take it that is a big fucking caterpillar as well


Yes. Biggest caterpillar I have seen outside of a butterfly farm.

edit: the current situation for moths (and other insects) in the UK is quite concerning.


When I was in California one spring, I drove through what could only be described as a butterfly storm: there were fucking millions of them all of a sudden. I must have killed a thousand just driving through them. Apparently that used to happen in the UK, but I’ve never seen it here.


Yep, I have seen and photographed the caterpillar too.


The skies above British Columbia earlier this week.



Astonishing phototgraph by Jason Weingart


His website is great with loads of tutorials for anyone interested in weather / astrological photos.


It is - even for a useless git like me. Some of his photgraphs are tremendous


That’s, er, a striking image.