Beautiful Things


That’s a thing? At last, a sport I can enjoy.


Japan man gets serious about all the things.


This is my favourite astrological video




Excellent, I enjoyed that. Did you say the whisks were only usable for a short period?


I think they are only good for about 10 bowlfuls of tea and then need to be chucked away.


£25 each from the shop. A nice thing to own even if you didn’t do the Matcha tea.

I’ve never tried this tea. Looks intriguing.


Japanese tea ceremony at Lopwell next year?

Where is that ‘running away’ emoji?


Only if you whip up some kimonos all round.


£2.50 to whisk each bowlful of tea seems quite steep! I’m all for expensive and perfect tools, but they need to last.


I’m sure an ultrasound cleaner would prolong its life!


Having watched the film one of the schumann resonators immediately exploded in a lightening flash sending pure rapture throughout the building. Meanwhile my erection will not go down and I have an uncontrollable urge to whisk - Matcha tea and instruments ordered - I need foam in my dome.



I’m almost too excited to nap, must - come - down


Have to suspect a China made whisk at that bargain price.

Using an electronic stylus gauge to get the precise 1g might be even more ceremonious than using the scoop.

Much to cogitate on.


Scottish Highlands from the ISS on 25 February 2018


Image: ESO/A. Müller, MPIA


Lunar Hornet Moth taken in the Herts Wildlife Trust :heart_eyes:


Venus and the crescent Moon setting side by side in the north west, beneath a faint glow of Aurora Australis; the view across the sea ice from Casey Station by Dominic Hall


incredible 13 year old