Beautiful Things


Anak Krakatau, the child of Krakatoa, during an eruption seen from Rakata island in Indonesia. One of the Guardian’s 20 photos of the week this week.


If you are after an accurate lathe this is it- The bloke seems to know stuff.


Didn’t know Salman Rushdie was an engineer


Asperitas clouds over New Zealand




You’d probably get a bit worried seeing them in case there was a bit of Spielberg alien action about to happen :grinning:


Good way of getting an overview of an artist’s work, or too much instant gratification?


15 minutes well spent


Nice work!


I could would with half of his skills




Nice film here, just scroll down.


Not quite up to some of the entries on this thread but I was going through the jazz section of my collection and found this. Not the greatest album I own, but quite probably the best cover.
Original 1957 Verve Mono release, the record is older than I am and this pic doesn’t do it justice.



Cracking and, somehow, evocative image.


Just looks wrong as a 2 seater!:smirk:.


Still beautiful though. And as there are quite a few flying now it gives folk the chance of a flight in one ( if you have much moulah ). All good.


Oh, definitely still wonderful but just not right compared to the single seater which just has those perfect lines.