Bentley Bentayga

I saw 2 of these at Charnock Richard services earlier today.

They start at £160k, and are absolutely gopping. One of the ugliest cars I’ve seen in a long time. Worse in real life than in the photos, which is some achievement.

I can’t believe it made it off the drawing board.


Ghod that IS horrible!

Looks like the queens version of a sunshine variety bus

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Looked likes the aerodynamics were based on a brick.

They’ve cleverly gone for the homage to Chinese knock-offs of real Bentleys. An inspired touch.

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Doubt i’ll bother buying one now


Nothing says Fuck you poor people quite as well, however.

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Austin Princess with more bling.


Now that IS class.

I like it. :heart_eyes_cat:

Or the legendary Allegro Van Den Plas…


It doesn’t look any worse than the newish Range Rover Evoke Chazmobile

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Love All Aggros :smiley:

Japan went crazy for the Vanden Plas, it was the walnut dash. They were fetching good money there when worthless here.

My first car was a Snapdragon Yellow Allegro 1300. It had brown go faster stripes.

Ace, did it have a vinyl roof?

Yep, and whenever it rained, the footwells filled up with water. I had that car for 2 years and never found the leak. I ended up drilling holes in the floorpan…

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designed by Germans, bought by Americans, built in Britain. hahahahahahah, hope it makes them a bundle and keeps a few Brits in work along the way.