Bentley Bentayga

Yes the pig ugly bus that is a Q7 Audi wankwagon. I saw one a few months back in gold (not gold paint, in gold plate) doing 110mph on the M6.

Puts me in mind of a Lada Niva for some reason.

Fugly bastard of a thing and screams that the owner has more money that taste.

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Subaru Forester

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I’d take the Lada over that Bentley monstrosity.

I keep reading the title as benjamin netanyahu


A friend had one. It was like getting a lift in a drinks cabinet.

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Seen a few out and about, absolutely fucking horrid, the sort of design you can instantly tell will age very very badly.


If my old man saw this thread he’d be in heaven as having owned and liked a Vanden plas, Maxi, Marina, Lada Riva and Fiat 124

I’ve seen a couple of those Bentley monstrosities in the flesh and they don’t look anything like a Niva, they are fucking massive, proper fucking massive horrendous ugly fuckers. The Niva is classy in comparison.

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The man had taste, the fiat 124 is a motoring icon, the special T was brilliant.

Even better was the Fiat 130 Coupe.

Yes “pretty car”
The Dino has to be the top trump Fiat though


Or on of my favourites.

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Now that’s nice

It was this Fiat 124 not the spider, I wasn’t born then but just to make sure he bought the Lada when I was around 13 (rebadged 124)

Me too!

I’ve seen one in the flesh too, it’s utterly vile. It will no doubt sell very well in the Arabic and Asian markets.



I have now seen three in Cheshire, one was customised.