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Posh Mums Upset By Sloppy Fanny Gag

Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?
Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Similar occurances occured regularly around Welwyn and Codicote when I was growing up there.


used to have good friends that lived in Codicote - I always liked visiting them there until they emigrated.


I emigrated to London asap.
Great place to grow up though.


Rozzers After Welwyn Garden City Milkshake Perv


Shetland knocked out of the Jock Mackay Cup following a 2-1 defeat to rivals Orkney



@A_Touch_of_Cloth will be all over that!


Have told them 20 hopefuls are coming to audition the munchkin parts in early June


Happy to put him up for the duration of the show’s run although can’t supply the red shoes.


I’m sure he’ll have his own


Pretty sure he has a well stocked wardrobe in the back of his van


I’m sure that playing Dorothy is on his bucket list


You bunch of side-splitting cunts.


Hard to believe that this qualifies as news. Also somewhat relieved that the incident took place in Bolton. I like to think that the stylish ladies of Glasgow would never sink so low.


Would have thought the fact she’s got no head would be weirder.


Police baffled



I think it’s good to encourage the young but Stronzetto’s latest ‘training program’ is in my view questionable