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Didn’t we all


That is a beautiful local newspaper headline, a work of art.


Windhouse, on Yell, is probably Shetland’s most haunted house. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I pass by this place every time I go to Lerwick. Not seen any ghosts though.

It was sold a couple of years ago, but sadly there are no signs of any restoration going on.


But the work would only take place on dark nights. :spades:


Tbh, I would have thought the figures would be higher than they are quoting. Lerwick is often teeming with tourists in the summer months.



People who live in glass houses…


This seems like it will be fun and games!!


what an amazing guy


Aircraft trails in the sky last Friday were very strange to see (haven’t seen them before here)

Now I know why -


They’ve decided to use mind control chemicals on Fetlar ??? :astonished:


I can see this getting very messy after Brexit. The EU boats will surely still fish these waters (presumably that will be illegal after we leave the EU) Will the Navy get involved?


We still have a navy ???


A couple of dinghies and a rowing boat with only the smallest hole I believe.


Theres’ no such thing as “traditional waters” , as our hero, the local fisherman, states in the article. That term’s no good to man nor beast

Which waters EU boats can fish rather depnds upon (A) how far from the coast the boats are and whether (B) Gove follows through on his promise /threat to withdraw UK from the London convention.

Besides. For every ton landed from our EEZ there’s way more landed from UK-licensed super trawlers in other EU countries “traditional waters.” as it were. The large fishing companies don’t make good copy though, so all we here about is anecdotal blah from Captain Haddock of Aberdeen.

Which still avoids the elephant in the fish-tank, namely: which fish do we catch in our “traditional waters” and who buys them ?




Who hasn’t done that? :laughing:


HAHA, This kicked off a few weeks ago. I was the first to reply to the suggestion - ffs, I’ve had enough of BREXIT, no way can I get my head around BROXIT.


Feckin’ Redneck village politics. Just offer a tithe of 2 Turnips and a Bantam and it’ll be sorted :slight_smile: