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Jesus, talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire :fire:

I’m well acquainted with both LA’s. What worries me most about T&W is the level of self delusion they consistently operate in. Better the devil you know in this case.


Teasel! Teasel!

(Malvern Gazette as usual)


got any old cables - especially the ones that have run out of electronics

I have to admit to hoarding Scart etc cables - that are of no use to anyone…



To add a bit of context, Hinckley has previously (certainly when the vicar at our place worked there) been a grotspot of BNP/NF racism.



:slight_smile: Twitter


Misinterpretation of the Tesco carrier …Sad news all the same



I did a second take when I saw it a couple of weeks ago


Always lose my dab reception at Ashburton,so sod them


Mr Parker said he had hoped it would become a tourist attraction by the A38

Well, now I’m torn between this or Salisbury cathedral (heard good things recently). Don’t think I could handle the excitement of both.


One is less dangerous than the other, I’m not saying which



Must be wonderful to witness


I saw 3 humpbacks off Fetlar last year. None this winter. Yet :wink:


Closest I get is dead things in the Severn:/


I did see quite a lot of them near South Georgia a few years ago