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It was. At one point they were so close to the ship that we could feel the spray from their blows.


It’s like that sometimes at Jim’s bakeoffs.




Fire me into the fucking sun. Please.


Kevin the carrot.

Bought by fucking turnips.


Had a hit with “Mash me, baby, mash me” iirc


I was going to get one of them, but I couldn’t work out where to put the batteries.


Now being flipped on e bay at 3 to 4 times book,

we are fucking doomed I tell you.


Shetland appearing in The New York Times :smiley:

There are some glaring inaccuracies in the article, but I’m sure the Tourist Board won’t mind too much.


The best bit of news is in the very last sentence, which I missed at election time.
Scotland’s only shameful nod to Brexiteering is on the way out.

He stood as a candidate in the Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath constituency in last year’s general election, but lost his deposit after securing just 540 votes.


“Now pursuing and anti-islam agenda” ???

because of course they’d been so friendly & welcoming when Farage was running it.

Only now and they’re deciding it isn’t a good look?


Yes they were quite happy being dog whistle politicians but overt racism is beneath them apparently. A distinction without a difference.




Is there a way of ordering jumpers from local hand knitters? I saw an online shop for fair isle knitters, through a middleman and even though not cheap, I worked out that the knitters were still getting less than min wage. I suspect the online retailer took a fair wedge.

This is the one I saw for Fairisle

I’ve seen a couple for hand operated machine knit on Shetland.

Just seems such a shame to have these crafts and watch retailer just produce cheap imitations of the real thing. Those Fairisle knitters should be selling in Harrods, their work is stunning.


Yes, there are quite a few. Obviously genuine Fair Isle knitwear only comes from that island, but there are plenty who make jumpers from Fair Isle designs/patterns using 100% Shetland wool. Both machine and hand knit.

Hand knit is very expensive, but that’s only a reflection of the time required to produce them. They can last for years and years though.

Our postie knows most, if not all, of them. If you like I’ll ask her tomorrow for some names?


Lou just informed me that a close (well. close for here) neighbour not only hand knits them, but takes classes teaching others how to make them. I knew she made lace goods (they’re amazing btw) I din’t know she knitted FI jumpers. She is originally from Fetlar and lives between her home on here and another on Shetland Mainland.

Hand knits them to order apparently, Lou reckons they’re fantastic.


When I was a student I had a seriously heavy-duty oiled wool cable-knit jumper. Although I bought it in Oxford it came from a long way north of the border (I forget where now). About 15 years ago it saved me from serious injury. I was using a 16mm auger in a power drill to put c/h pipe holes through first floor joists in an extension being built at my mum’s house. There was no floor or ceiling on the joists so I was on a stepladder. Suffice it to say the auger came through the timber and into my stomach (yeah, I know, never drill towards yourself). Fortunately the jumper caught it first and stalled the drill. I still wear the jumper for winter gardening. Mrs VB has patched the hole. Pretty it ain’t, but I do love it.



Disclaimer: Fetlar Fair Isle jumpers are not guaranteed to save you from DIY self inflicted injuries.


Artificial Christmas tree



Artificial Christmas tree, 5ft tall. Aa da bits in da box, or keep it as a cat free zone :wink::wink::christmas_tree::christmas_tree:£15.00 ono

Optimism rules supreme at 60 deg N