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I’m sure there is an actual proper airfield only a few miles away between Saunton and Barnstable



That’s the one, they used to hold an annual air show we watched a few times when on holiday nearby


Is a giant Hercules bigger than a normal Hercules?




You can take a workhorse from water, but she’ll refuse at the brink. :slightly_smiling_face:

Consternation ensues.


Police in the US state of Utah have taken the unusual step of urging residents not to drive blindfolded after an online challenge inspired by a horror film led to a crash.

A teenager with her hat over her eyes drove into oncoming traffic in the city of Layton while taking part in the so-called “Bird Box Challenge”.
The craze has come from the Netflix film Bird Box, starring Sandra Bullock.
Last week Netflix warned fans not to attempt the challenge.This week the same advice came from Layton police department.

Authorities considering mandatory stickers in all new vehicles Do not drive vehicle whilst blindfolded obvs


Thr last line is the best!


I was surprised by this review of the Mad Hatter pub in Kemptown. :grinning:


Surprised it isn’t on @ZiggyMarley list of esoteric places to visit on his trips to Brighton!



Any AA members in Cheltenham?


As it’s a Weatherspoons they probably meant to drop it at the kitchen door at the back


I hope it doesn’t turn into a habit


Nonsense. You can’t warm through a goat’s head in a microwave. The kitchen staff would be baffled.


Trudat. But you can make an album out of it


Terrible grammar from the Stones, there.


Maybe head is a verb ?



A spokesman for Wetherspoon said: "Pub management at The Moon Under Water were aware of the incident, although it did not take place on the premises, occurring on the pavement outside. By the way the goat curry and a pint is our special today