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A couple of weeks ago I popped into M & Co in Lerwick and when the automatic door opened a cat followed me in. I alerted one of the staff who said, don’t worry, it’s just Tommy, he comes in here every day.

It seems he’s a bit of a celebrity around the town.

He even has his own Facebook page




Now following on Facebook :grinning:


He’s a proper character. He just wandered about in M & Co and none of the staff batted an eyelid. I saw him later wandering up the main shopping street looking for open shop doors :grin:


they need to sort themselves out and get to the Turan - (its almost next door the WH cop shop HQ)


-30c in chicago …:fearful:
oh my gosh



Duane Johnson said they took methamphetamine and she stopped taking her medications. They spent their final hours having sex and listening to metal band Quiet Riot.



Way to go!





Tempted to buy an octopus and put it on the local police station reception desk without being seen



Poor bastard. Wait till he sees the bats.


You’d like to think they’d see the funny side.


Crews begin work to remove Sidmouth’s monster fatberg


Its become so famous in the South West news they could sell bits like bricks from the Berlin wall.



Worra cunt. He should be put in a desert and made to listen to Toto for evermore