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Sounds very strange to me. It will be interesting to see how this develops.


He didn’t plunge then - The unusual quite misleading headline.


Assuming the car left the road it would have had pretty much zero initial vertical velocity, so he would have around 6 seconds to get out and the car (and he) would be travelling at approximately 60m/s when they hit the rocks below.

Yet he walked away relatively unscathed? Not buying it.




I’m sure the denizens of Forfar can’t believe their good fortune.


I think he is supposed to have jumped out at the top of the cliff. It would be a cracking excuse to cover up an insurance claim, ahem…


Usual Royal bollocks.


Report says

it is thought the driver managed to escape the vehicle as it was hurtling towards a beach below.


hmmmm burping out bad spirits…

I hear someone’s been farting out bad spirits for years


Lol, they thought wrong. I bet he jumped out while it was going slowly, at the top of the hill. Perhaps less of a falling out as “a tripped over whilst pushing” event :slight_smile:




“Nan, did you get me that Breville toastie maker I wanted for my birthday?”
“No, I made you the Earl of Forfar instead.”
“Fuck’s sake, nan.”


Very sad to hear of this

Fortunately, my friend and his family, who are the wardens there, are all safe.


Oh heck


That’s bad news, proper scientific data on the effects of climate change and how we are fucking up the planet is essential.


Primarily it’s a bird observatory, but yes, the data they collect is an important pointer to climate change too.

It was the first place I visited in Shetland in 1998. Something must have made an impression as several more visits to the Isles followed and then… well, you know the rest :wink:


Latest news is that the entire Obs has now collapsed and is a total write off.

Very sad.


It was only opened in 2010 at a cost of £4m to replace the old one. They will certainly rebuild, but it will take time.


4 million! Wow




Slightly more complex than a shed with a viewing hatch and a couple of stools then?