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Men’s clothes on the up !


the man had a non serious head injury !! surprised it was only that


crafty begger

An investigation has been launched after a parking attendant was caught putting up a temporary “no parking” sign before issuing a ticket.

He then took the sign away and the car’s owner was sent a penalty notice for £100, a BBC investigation found.


Sometimes, you just have to wonder why this is still allowed to happen.

A lot of things up here that remind me of how life used to be make me happy. This isn’t one of them.


I’ve been following a thread on another forum. 33 pages on whether Cat 8 cables are better than Cat 7.

I miss cable threads :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


As an insomnia cure, I think it could work. :wink:


And the result was?


At least you’ve still got cats.


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But how many?


Basically if you have a very expensive Linn system, have room optimisation and have carried out numerous “tweeks” then the Cat 8 is better, though Linn says the Cat 7 is recommended. At least I think that is what it said before I gave up reading.

I got a yellow card and was suspended for 24 hours so might have missed something.

I gave up after this response to my summary of one post from the OP. Just checked again - 35 pages.

Me > > I think you have summed up your input to the entire thread here. “If you don’t have Linn equipment and agree with me you are inferior.” So I don’'t with either point and therefore aren’t relevant.

I do find the general tone amusing though so please carry on.

Him - I can see from your post that your thong panties are 2 or 3 sizes too small?

BTW, hot pink doesn’t suit you, and doesn’t match your tan line. :D

I don’t agree with you, but I don’t judge you for being wrong.

I enjoy my Linn HiFi very much, but have heard many outstanding stereos from a multitude of manufacturers

Me - Oh dear, bless! Please try harder.


I think my wife is following this case very closely. I hope his appeal fails.


Fart rape FTW :+1:

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Hands doll to victim, “Show me where the farts came from”


I know where they come from…:wink:

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It’s no laughing matter, fart face.


tragic case of wrong drugs given