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They do good work having suckered in better people than us & driving them to express their outrage on Twitter thereby making complete fools of themselves. Katie Hopkins being but one example :smiley:



Hot off the press



Sunshine, sand and booze you’ll soon get fed up with it.


I heard somewhere that at least part of the excess sunshine was between 04:00 and 06:00 and another part was after 20:00 though. Certainly the first chunk would have been of, um, limited usefulness to me :wink: … zzzzzzzzz.



Me too. I Didn’t know those early morning times existed, but it’s lovely to sit on the back deck in the sunshine at 9-10 pm with a beer or two in hand.




Why thank you, Stu

That’s the nicest thing you’ve said to me in months :wink:


I wish you would get your finger out and get your projects finished and a bake off sorted.


So would I mate. I am getting there.

Timber meant to arrive today may now come tomorrow, or Monday, or next Friday…

See what I’m up against?

Anyway, bake off will be next spring/summer definite. May involve camping, local camping bod, sleeping rough, buckets to shit in, etc. You should be well at home :smile:


I’m in. !


You will get an invite, no doubt


I should fucking well hope so.

Should I bring my clubs?


I would love to come, but I don’t think I would survive the ferry journey.


Only if they look something like this

You have to consider fighting off the Funzie virgins.


We do have an airport on the mainland. I’m sure some will choose that method of transport