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Good news. Combined with the 30% Islander discount it will be relatively cheap to travel South now.


That’ll make it cheaper for the folk going to your first bake :grinning:


Yes, for those who don’t mind the 12 hour sailing (14 if it calls at Orkney)

I suspect one or two might choose to fly though.


There is no way I would last 5 mins on that boat puking emoji type thing


you get used to it after a few hours


Yep, probably cheaper too. Flights from London to Lerwick seem to be about £250 (return) :+1:


Only if I was comatose


Your CD player will fit as hand luggage Jim :+1:


When I was going from Weymouth to jersey ever couple of weeks was bad enough

On one trip from jersey home I had to get off at Guernsey the sea was that bad,all the bottles from the bar were getting smashed and the crew looked pretty scared

Definitely not cut out to travel, unless it’s by road or train


I once woke up early on a windy crossing from Brindisi to Corfu. I was sleeping on deck and just managed to get my head over the railings before the retching started.

We were sailing into a pretty strong wind which was most unfortunate for another passenger up-chucking around 10 metres further astern, as a fine spray of my sick gave them an impromptu morning shower.


Never got sick on a boat, been on some pretty bouncy ones too. I quite enjoy it TBH. Mrs CC just has to look at a boat and she’s headed for the loo :grin:


I used to get seasick but never when drunk.


Me too.

Southern Ocean December 2006 crossing the Drake Passage towards Cape Horn


Ha! Looks good fun



How ridiculous



From Shetlink ad’s today.

Views - 33
Time Left - 12 Days, 15 Hours
WANTED OFFERS Wanted Rabbit And Hutch
_Wanted by rebel7 _

Or just a rabbit.

well, it tickled me, anyway


Duplicate (number two) of a post in another thread…