Best Tonearm

I have a Audio Note Io Gold cartridge and wondered what was the best matching tonearm?

The right answer is:


It would be better to place that arm so it was in perfect alignment with both turntables. Poor effort, really.

The djembe pod is precision adjustable with a simple punt of the foot.
for an additional £10K a ‘Loverod’ oxygenated arm rest is available. (Looks just like a tree but isn’t, ok it is a bit)

VTA is Lazer perfect

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Hmm. vta looks a tad high

Any others?

Is that a T. Rex album I see?

If cost were no object then either an FR-66 or an Ikeda 407

Retail prices in the US:

LM-09 : 25.400 USD
LM-12 : 29.000 USD
CF1-09 : 48.000 USD
CF1-12 : 53.000 USD

  • I’ve not heard one but I endorse the pricing vigorously.
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on what turntable?

Claro Clarity Dual

Very nice. Swedish. Designer favoures the 9” I think.

Ikeda 407cr-1 is £3100 new direct from Japan. The 407ss is £9500 ball park.

My 3012r would be a good bet if you needed a foot long?

I am actually looking for a 9” or 10.5” but thanks.

Ikeda IT-345 cr-1 then

Hmm, IOs are heavy and large, so you will need something that suits both restrictions.

The best tonearms I have used / owned are probably not suitable for the IO, I like the Tri-Planar and Brinkmann 10.5 (although as the 10 is heavier probably more suitable).

I really like the Transfi Ref also, but not sure an IO will fit the rather small headshell and it’s within the weight range.

The top Kuzma arm is probably suitable.

Cheers I will check them out.

If you buy anything Bob recommends, I will disown you.


Have you had a look at the Glanz range of arms. They have an offering at every price point apart from sensible.
At the sensible price point look at the Audio Creative Groovemaster2 II with Ti arm tube and use an Arche headshell with it.

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I have looked at the Glanz arms and checking on the compatibility.