Best Tonearm

What is the downside of that ?

My old original Kondo Io is adequate in my Tri-Planar. I am biased as I have wanted one for years!


Get a V why feck about x

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I have an IO Gold on a V. You really need the extra counterweight if you want to dial the Io in properly.

So true, I have an extra one on my Graham arm.

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The Io was absolutely great on the Clearaudio deck I sold to @Bolts. The tonearm was a Unify carbon. I wonder if the higher end Clearaudio arms would be worth investigating…

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I have owned an Io1, Io Gold and Io Ltd. I still have a Gold and Ltd.

They all work very, very well with my AN arm

I’m not saying it’s the best arm in the world, but it does work very well with Io’s - hardly surprising, since I would assume they had this in mind when they designed it.

I suspect it won’t be expensive enough though :wink:

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@murrayjohnson what arm was Kondo using with the Io’s when you went to Jpn? Any thoughts on eff mass?

Bloody Hell i am spoilt for choice. Thanks for all the suggestions now for the homework. :smiley:

When I visited he was using some big Denon TT with a Helius Cyalene that PQ would have sent to him. See below.

But you’ll also notice a Final turntable on the lower shelf to the left although I can’t make out what the arm is. it appears to have a round gimbal & be fairly substantial.

Behind the ‘normal’ looking speakers there was a multi-way YL system but by this time he’d decided they were too large, heavy & unwieldy to be supplying to too many customers.


The Io gold is substantially heavier than a standard Io1.
Io gold is 20gms

Sorry Guy that wasn’t directed at you but to some who have mentioned other arms which may be Ok with an Io1 but not with a gold

Audio Note Japan weren’t making any lightweight Io’s at that time. They were all 20g.

That said they were also making the Soara which had a much lighter body & which did also sound lovely. Slightly softer & sweeter than an Io.

Lovely. Nice Sony broadcast monitor as well :grin:

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Shame it’s 110V = faff

You can buy a transformer for £50. A lot cheaper than a decent watch.


True, true

I had one for years, it was lovely.

No idea what happened to it, could only find the box after we moved house :tired_face:

Reed Audio 2G tonearm with Macassar Ebony wand. New €2900 Audiomarkt

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