Black like my heart

There’s now a Dark Theme for the forum if like Wesley Snipes, you always bet on black.

To enable it, click on your avatar (top right), then click on your username and choose “Preferences”. Click Interface and under Theme it will offer you the choice of Default (white) or Material Design/Dark Theme (black).

Only issue at the moment is that it fucks with the AA logo, but we never said progress came easy.


<mandatory spoilt brat whining>

Can’t think what the experience reminds me of


Heh, certainly looks different!

I’ll give it a try for a while and see how I get on with it. :+1:

It’s a little bit shit on the desktop for various reasons, but works well on mobiles.

I’m on a laptop and the only issue I have is there is no obvious way to return to the homescreen. Is there a shortcut for that?

The logo is still there, it’s just black on black. I.e. click on the black :smiley:



Thanks :blush:

This might be just the time to change the logo colour to some hideous luminous snot green or dayglo orange colour in homage to Simon’s shoes and the depths of tastelessness plumbed by Sodder’s & Co in the watch thread.


+1 for Fungus the Bogeyman green.

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perhaps grey like the hair on most members heads

Fixt :+1:

Purpleish blue to acknowledge the pains of the chalfont suffers amongst us.


like that darkness

got to fix the logo though

Fuck me… how technically challenging is it to colour-flip a jpeg?! :thinking:

It’s not about that, the logo is self-isolating.


meat service

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Probably not difficult, but weirdly the site owner and administrator is not at his desk waiting to colour-flip a jpeg for plebs.

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Any chance of forum self-immolation resulting if he does?

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Oooh, that’s better.