Blade Runner 2049


Just been tonight.

Very good.

Quite long, but didn’t notice it until I looked at my watch on the way out, which must say something.

Piccadilly Circus on a Saturday night is Satan’s butthole BTW.


I really want to go to a Dolby Atmos screening, but you can only get them in conjunction with 3D at our cinema. So I won’t be doing that.


Atmos shakes your innards


Just got back from seeing it, Blade Runner despite its flaws is probably my favourite movie.

Really the only complaint I have is they should have brought Vangelis back, less BRAAAAAAM more synths (and capes).


Just back from watching it as well, good film but way too long, they could have done the same film but 45 minutes shorter. The cinematography was fantastic with a few shots paying homage to the original.

As Rob said you really need to watch the 2007 final cut to really understand the film.


Watched it Friday, fantastic the cinema was rammed and no one walked out, for me I thought the depth was great drawn out, plenty to think through. The sound was thrilling, zwimmer pushed the vangelis the right way in my opinion.

All in all a rare time when the sequel delivers


Top notch :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


Went to see it earlier today, on the largest screen with the biggest sound in our local Cineworld. It really was good. The effects were faultless and when necessary huge, the atmosphere was pretty convincing, the acting was high-grade (even the dog !), the plot worked.

If it came second to the first one then that was mostly in the only way that it simply couldn’t avoid - the first one was novel in so many ways. It was impressive because we went into the cinema not having seen that kind of a future before. When we came out of the cinema we had. Any sequel was never going to be able to open our eyes that way again. But with that proviso I think it was great.



Hoping to imax it before I forget and it’s long gone.

I was worried about how good it was compared to the reviews. Sometimes films are worthy and people like them due to a bit of peer pressure. Then you see them and they are polished but dull.

At stupid long running length it better be good!


I’m seeing it tonight, starts at 830. Going to be a late night, I think!


What did you think?


Absolutely fucking brilliant!


Glad you enjoyed it. I thought it was fucking epic!
A visual and sensory masterpiece.


I really enjoyed it too. I would have perhaps liked a bit more pontificating on the meaning of life, and thought that the antagonists could have been fleshed out a bit more, but that’s just a personal view, I know others would disagree. Most seem to agree that it was fucking ace. :+1::+1:




Gosling’s performance was an understated masterclass. Hi rising panic and anger as he ‘realises’ he is the replicant baby, the subsequent wish-fulfilment meeting his father, followed by the crushing disappointment and desolation as it all proves not to be the case.

So many moral and ethical themes at play, such as what does it mean to be special and valued? Is it because of someone you are, or something you do.

I told my daughter to watch the original and then go and watch this. She is doing Phil.&Ethics ‘A’ Level and there’s probably 25 interesting essays she could write on the basis of those two films.


I would disagree.

The only bit that grated was the last “fight” scene which was disappointingly Hollywood. (OMG they’re gong to die!!!).

I did like that it avoided clarifying Deckard’s status.


btw, the text blurring plugin seems to be broken, so be careful if you were hoping to use that.

‘Hide Details’ works OK though.



Just got out from seeing it. I thought it was great, I loved the premise, the performances and the cinematography.

I definitely got the feeling that the ending was setting the scene for a further sequel, but not sure if that will happen, given the box office figures.

Must get the soundtrack too…


I definitely felt room was left for sequels, but otherwise stood fine on its own which can’t be said of every movie these days.


“Sequel of classic movie used as launching pad for franchise” shocker.