Blade Runner 2049


You’ll either love it or hate it.
They’ve got the style and feel absolutely right, matched and moved on from the original.
It’s also a sumptuous visual feast, some beautiful imagery.
The story is cerebral and thought provoking, not simplistic and laid out on a plate, unclear at times though…
And it’s slow.
If you “get it” that allows time to appreciate its treasures.
If you don’t you’ll do what four people (in a mostly empty cinema) did, walk out halfway through its 3 hours.

P.S. I loved it.

What I'm watching
What I'm watching

which is what I did with the original


Going tomorrow.


I’m looking forward to going. I’ve convinced Narelle that she needs to see it :+1:


Never seen the original


And I had you pegged for a replicant… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d say you’d need to in order to uderstand this, it’s definitely a continuation of the story.




Replicunt surely?

(It didn’t take long for the depths to be plumbed, did it…) :grinning:


I wuz trying to keep it simple :grinning:


I know, I think I should like it, and have tried very hard, but it doesn’t do it for me…


It won’t do it for many, I suspect.


…like tears.

In rain


Just ordered the blu ray from Amazon


Which version? Original theatrical release, Directors Cut or Final Cut?


I’ve heard things Serge wouldn’t believe …



Dunno it was the best seller one on Amazon for 8.99. Prob be enough to get the gist.


Maybe, but will you be able to form a coherent insight on the importance of the origami unicorn and its deployment by Gaff?


Ask me tomorrow, im pissed as a fart now.



Another prime candidate for the AA strapline.