Blade Runner 2049


Blade Runner 2049.


Want a hologram jukebox, soooooo bad.

And a flying car, natch.


I watched it on bluray last night for the first time and was suitably impressed with it.
Have to admit I dreading watching it due to being such a fan of the original.


Having being blown away at the cinema I tried to watch BR 2049 on the small screen and decided it was pretty poor and doesn’t bear repeated viewing (unlike the original).

Ryan Gosling is utterly devoid of charm or on screen presence.


I didn’t get to see it on the big screen unfortunately so this was my first viewing, I want to watch it again already so will shall see what the 2nd time brings to the party.

With really good films, hidden or unnoticed details usually come to light the second time around.

I’d avoided all reviews so far…


Can’t stand Gosling, think he’s an absolutely awful actor.

Watched the film at the cinema and though visually it was brilliant Gosling just got on my tits, having watched it a few times since I think it is a good film.


I just took his character to be essentially an android (yes, I know a replicant isn’t an android), necessarily dispassionate and emotionless to enable him to do the job he does. Given those criteria, I think Gosling did a fair job.

It definitely lost a sense of scale on a telly compared to the cinema, but I still enjoyed it, and will watch it again.


Gosling didn’t do anything, it was just a role that fitted in with his complete lack of acting ability.


Good casting then. :wink:


I I thought he was great!


There is already a Blade runner thread, which I have avoided s I haven’t watched it,
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Gosling does a thing, he is very good at it.


That ‘thing’ being nothing. I think most film actors are shit. They represent a ‘look’ at best and largely they just play themselves but dressed up in different costumes. Gosling has taken this to the extreme.


Haha, this makes you sound like such a bitter layman.


Except I am good friends with a number of actors who have been on stage screen and TV, and they will when pushed, say the same.