Blade Runner 2049


Sour grapes then.





Hopefully @A_Touch_of_Cloth will be along soon to give his critique


Never been much of a fan, I thought he played it well… he just has no dark side that ever comes through. Most seem a little like they could never live it if it was real life. But that’s the movies.


Re Gosling and his acting: early in the film, when he goes back to the police building to report on what happened in the opening scenes, he is walking along the corridor, face bruised and cut. A human police officer is walking in the opposite direction, and half lunges towards him, saying “Fuck off skin-job”, aggressively. Watch the way Gosling’s character responds, and how much he manages to communicate in that short moment, about the position of the working replicant in relation to the human workers. The ongoing strain of that. It’s a fantastic moment, and he absolutely nails the subtle nuance of it. He can definitely act. Sure, he has ‘a thing’, but it is by no means the limit of him, and how many successful actors aren’t defined by a particular quality anyway? Doesn’t mean they can’t act.


I’ve always liked Olivier’s comment to Dustin Hoffman, who apparently kept himself up for three days to look and act convincingly for a part: “dear boy, have you considered acting?”


Finally saw this tonight on a friends’ brand-new 80" QDLED - fucking loved it, love the soundtrack, I love how long it is, I love the sense of alienation the actors portrayed in so many ways, not least Gosling, I love its pacing, the subtlety of most of its twists, its thought-provoking nature…

It meshed well with the original, caught the flavour of its world brilliantly, and didn’t try to outdo it - because as others have already observed - you couldn’t: the original was SO far ahead of its time.

Now I need to watch it a few more times, as one of our friends cannot shut her stupid idiot fucking mouth up for more than 5 minutes at a time when a film’s on! :angry:


As a wise man once said, there’s no replacement for displacement.
Apparently it won best cinematography last night at the Oscars and deservedly so.
And best visual effects…


Does anyone have the vinyl issue of the soundtrack? I know I love the music, and I know the vinyl has less of the tracks than CD (though has the important stuff), but is the vinyl transfer any good? Suspect this might be one to get on CD…


I got it bought for me, its reasonable




I have it on vinyl you are welcome to borrow it :slight_smile:


Watch him, it’ll be Japanese nose flute jazz in the Blade Runner sleeve…


Bit rich comin’ from you!!! :joy:

Anyway, sounds good to me whichever it is! :ok_hand:


I have read some reports of the BR2049 vinyl being noisy, which has put me off buying it (so far)…


I’ll report back when Edd’s been over :+1:


Have you heard it yet?


It’s pretty noisy, made worse by it being quite sparse/quiet in places.

A bit annoying but I only really bought it because Blade Runner.


Hopefully a decent pressing will be made at some point. Until then, I’ll probably watch the film a dozen or so times on DVD :crazy_face: