Boiler leak


My boiler reset light started to come on today.
When it is reset it makes a gurgling and rumbling noise like it’s filling up.

Now it’s dripping water out the bottom. And it just turns off (now totally off, as I have cut power).

Anything obvious? Clearly I need a plumber but it’s performed faultlessly to date.
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 24i.

Condensate trap - loose connection / failed pump / blocked drain hose - guess how I know?

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Cracked heat exchanger.

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Should also say, W-B have been brilliant at honouring the warranty with ours - think all of theirs are 10 years.


Plot thickens.

Switched it back on and the noise is gone and it’s working. No leak.

For now. Odd!!?? Read somewhere about noise meaning over pressured which might have corrected itself. Still being looked at tomorrow as it can’t magically fix itself…?



Sure you will have thought of this but did you have a frost last night? If the outside drain pipe freezes up just this will happen.


Thanks for the replies.

Plumber said there is a lot of water at the top and it looks like it’s come in through the flu (pipe pointing north out the house).
Bad rain. It has rained a lot, but really??

He suggests it’s likely to have damaged the boiler and may be a pain to get out. It’s a big call as it’s try and pay to clean but find it’s done for v 2500 minimum for a new one!
Also the boiler is over ten years old, but has otherwise never missed a beat.

First question is - sound about right?

Next issue is he only fits Ideal boilers.
It’s a system boiler and I feel like Worcester seem to be well regarded and covered??

Maybe one for @A_Touch_of_Cloth ?

Making the above TLDR easier -
Covered by storm damage so can claim for a new one.

Simple - best make and pick for a 32kw system boiler please??

(If ideal are as good as any our chap can do. If we want anything else I’ll get on to it asap as it’s cold!!)

I believe these lads are the kool kittens but I of course defer to the Lead Swinger in Chief

Yep, we had one of those pre heat pump (which you should be getting one of instead of a boiler, obviously…)

It’s cold. I don’t know enough about them. We just want heat!! I feel these may be expensive to run as our elecy is now a lot!

I don’t understand this. Water has got in through the air side of the flue? If so what do you mean by “difficult to get out” water or the boiler?

Likely to have damaged the boiler sounds wishy washy shite to me. It either has or it hasn’t. Didnhe carry out the appropriate safety checks on it?

I’m not recommending anything other than get someone in who sounds credible.


He opened it. Listened to it.
Then said it all looked ok in terms of no damage or cause internally. No loss of pressure at all. But there was a lot of water in the top area.
As he couldn’t see a reason he suggested water ingress due to the recent rain. Water in from the outside horizontal flu pipe. He said the water may then have affected the internals.

Then said to clean and dry it might reveal damage and he suggested a new boiler claim. The insurance state that if I get a report confirming it is storm damage not wear and tear they will replace it!
It’s over ten years old so I think: why no for the excess price.

When you try and start it it’s like a flat car that wheezes. However it has just kicked in and we have radiators hot. Same happened last night but then it wouldn’t start again after an hour.

Standard knee jerk response to any boiler question, depends on the thermal efficiency of the house, other eco tech, elec tariff etc. etc.

Can’t remember if you had a car charger so a cheap night tariff, if so then you can run a heat pump then to heat a house up.

But otherwise, yes, Viessmann.

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Modern self built house with excellent energy rating and a pass on efficiency tests around 2010.

Probably ideal for a heat pump as loads of outside room. But right now I need it sorting.
We have two electric cars and octopus Intelligent go.

They should have carried out some basic safety checks for combustion etc. and left you with paperwork.

The trap and sump also should be checked as they block regularily with Worcesters.

Get Worcester out to sort.


But for a small excess I might be able to replace a 14 year old boiler.

If so, any brands to avoid. Or chose?

So much Beetlejuice :roll_eyes:

Why the hell put yourself through the fucking rigmarole of changing a boiler when you dont even know what is wrong with it?

I’ll bet you a pound to a pail of shit (which I can supply) it can be sorted by a half decent engineer.

Honestly. I’ll get to the foot of our stairs in a minute.