Does anyone have an idea of a typical price to have a new gas central heating boiler installed please? It’s my mum’s house (a 3 bed semi) - I’ve been out of the UK for 25 years so I’m rather out of touch…
If anyone has a good contact for a qualified installer in/around Bedford that’d be much appreciated :+1:

Twinkle ( @A_Touch_of_Cloth) is your man for this.

That and used buckets.


Get British Gas in to quote then divide by 2. That is your realistic price.

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It depends to be honest, how old the existing system is. Is it a sealed system or vented? Vented to sealed or combi?

The best advice is to get a couple of good word of mouth local guys to quote along with BG.

We had a new boiler fitted in our old house about 6 yrs ago replacing a cast iron thing from the late 70s.
Floorboards up, new pipe work, new cylinder, wiring, timers the lot. Defo shop around, prices vary more than they should. We had a gas safe chap that lived in our village do the work, on the basis he was unlikely to curl one out on his own doorstep so to speak, which proved to be good decision.

Know a good bloke in Rushden area not too far from Bedford. Like all good plumbers he is very busy at the moment.

PM if you want his details.

Thanks everyone. Mum’s got a quote from BG - she’s going to ask her chums & neighbours for recommendations.

I had an Ideal 30+ Combo installed last year in my 3 bed property. £1800 all in. I’m in Northampton so can recommend the plumber I used as Bedford is not too far away. Pm me if you want his contact details.

The Ideal comes with a 7 year warranty and was unanimously recommended when I search on line and spoke to local plumbers.

If you want some local plumber options look here

A combi boiler is about a grand. Replacement like for like will cost most of the same again. But if there is any re engineering (in my case, I replaced a hot water tank system with a combi boiler) then it’ll be more again.

Also, most older boilers only needed a 15mm gas supply, but combis usually need a 22mm supply pipe.


That’s less than a coffee machine. :smile:

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That is also cut clean with a hacksaw not a pipeslice. :slight_smile:

Twinkle just underplays his capacity to play a leading role. In many ways Twilight Sparkle is much more appropriate.

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Honestly, the number of under gassed boilers being fitted is shocking and is really beginning to become an issue.

Why, here is one I was at this very morning. 33kw combi installed a year ago , muggins here doing the gas safety. 15mb at appliance, 21mbar at meter.

You think the installer gave a fuck looking at this?

There is two meters effective pipe length PLUS the incorrect size restriction and you are not even six inches away from the meter yet.

The boiler is about another 6 as the crow flies.

… and … relax. :slight_smile:

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