Border Patrol DAC?

I remember a few of you purchasing DAC’s from border patrol earlier in the year.
Just wondering how you are getting on with them and what your thoughts are now you’ve lived with them for a while.

I was going to ask the same thing, very curious to hear peoples opinions.

Rather than write a load of subjective tosh, I could lend you mine for a few days Tim so you can hear for yourself if you like?

Just buy Phil’s Audio Note. Can’t believe it’ll be much worse, it’s far too cheap and won’t depreciate.


I would consider the audio note but it only has a coax input as far as I can tell.

Thanks Wayne I’d like to have a listen at some point.

I could bring it with me to Chesterfield on Monday?

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That would be appreciated.
I might write some subjective tosh fir the forum after I’ve had a listen :wink:

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Picked up BP DAC this morning, Thanks Wayne.
I’ll be listening tonight and through the week. Looking forward to hearing what it can do.


Would be good to hear your impressions and how it fairs against others you have tried, it’s a toss up between that and a DDAC for me in the coming months…

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Should be getting my new pimped DDDAC in next month.


First impressions are very good, an audible improvement over just using my CD player. Which is an Avondale modded Arcam Alpha 5 and is no slouch. I see a late night on the horizon. :notes::notes::notes:


CD player/DAC leaves well sorted vinyl front end for dead shocker :wink:

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sounds promising, if you get round to streaming this week would be great to know what you think, enjoy.

feel sorry for me; no hifi in the house due to shipping my sold quad amp today, and dreary BBC drama on the TV care of the wife…

You’ve sold your amp?

I’d never have know




or don’t as is the case…

Well here goes a few thoughts after three evenings listening to the border patrol dac.
First of all I’ve only used it with my CD player as a transport, I’ve not got an easy way of feeding it anything other than CD’s.
Secondly it is really really good. It is by far the best digital sound I’ve had in my room and I might go so far as to say one of the best I’ve heard full stop.
It delivers music in a complete and enjoyable package, it doesn’t feel like its being picked apart to sound more “HiFi”. That being said if you want to hear detail there is loads of it. I’ve heard so many things on my CD’s I never noticed before, intstruments and “details” I’ve never heard before.
Bass is full and under control, double bass is clearly recognisable as that and the low frequencies overall are well catered for.
The all important (to me) mid range is excellent the human voice is very realistic and reproduced extremely accurately. Saxophone and piano are also really very realistic.
High frequencies are sweet but not harsh, lots of the little additions made by cymbals, triangles, glockenspiel etc bring some songs and classical pieces to life and they are all present with the BP dac.
If you are in the market for a DAC in this price range make the effort to hear this DAC in your system it is very very good.
Thanks again to Wayne for the loan, I’ll be sad to give it back on Friday.

Next thing is to have a listen to a DDDAC which I know can come with many different options.

This is Mick’s fault, at his bake off he suggested I tried a few DAC’s to improve my digital source. Now look what’s happening!!!

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Cool. The AAA5 were more than decent for their time, but digital is better now :+1:

Well I have some good news then Tim, as I’m not back in Chesterfield till Monday so you’ve got a few more days of listening. If you can find a way of plugging a computer into the BP via USB then I’ll think you’ll enjoy the results.

Also I’ll see if I can dig out my original DDDAC for you to try too.