Bored of my amp

So had the modwright kwi200 for some time now and fancy a change.

@coco and @Wayward got my interest with talk of old Sony amps that may work well with my Snell A’s. But open to other suggestions too.

The speakers tend to like some power up them and I have only heard one valve amp drive them well, but that was unobtanium care of @murrayjohnson.

So what do you suggest?

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Coco bespoke. :+1:


Good call, but he would have to be bored with the Modwright for a lot longer, or get an interim amp! :grinning:

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Pass Labs, something that delivers 100W. Where are those monos, with Jim was it?

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Indeed, there is a queue

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Teribil Pass clones.


For those in the queue

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Do you have a budget in mind?

I was going to suggest that, is there a multiple thing you can make to get extra power?

The aleph can be made up to 200w, or the F5 turbo is 100w.

This, surely

Alephs sound better.

Accuphase. Old Classe Audio.

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Some whopping great big class A Pass floor board benders like @htm_1968 has :+1:


The Pass Labs amps I have now are lovely. Any of the stereo Pass Labs maps would be a good shout for replacing the Modwright. A less obvious choice would be something by Plinius. I had a Plinius SA50 MK2 here that was stupendous for the money. I would have loved a pair of them bridged for mono and deeply regret selling it now.



There’s a nice Sugden available on pink fish . They’re less fashionable than a lot mentioned above. But this often means they’re in fact better.


Would be my choice.

I don’t really do high power stuff.

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I think you should. But with the same kg/watt ratio.