A surprising result for AJ… I saw the footage of the weigh in and it appeared to be an utter mismatch yet apparently he was well beaten by Ruiz. He may find it extremely difficult to get near those belts again. Will have to go and find footage of the fight today.

Typical overhyped British fighter.

Nah, he’s not overhyped he is a top fighter who for reasons unknown looked totally unprepared and fatigued. He will come back and do Ruiz but have to watch Fury and Wilder take the advantage, especially psychologically.

Now we’ll find out if he has the guts for it.

Fair play to Ruiz though, he took his shot. He pounded AJ to the body and weakened him. Not at all what I’d expect, which is why something looks wrong.

He looks super fit but how much real hard graft did he do in training. He got lucky against Klitschko and his arms look too heavy. Like Bruno he is not a natural fighter.

That’s what I suspect, athletic prep but not the real will power building stuff.



Perhaps AJ needs to watch back all of Butterbean’s old fights to learn a thing or two about toughness over and above athleticism and build.

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Anyone going to the Josh warrington match tonight in Leeds ?

Quite a night by all accounts , incredible security to get in , with metal detectors and airport style seven sniffer dogs to catch out all the drugs .