Bread maker advice

Hi chaps,

As part of my health revamp I’m considering making my own bread. Your experience with / thoughts on the best, easy to use / do it all bread maker greatly appreciated, as it seems to be a bit of a minefield.


Note to check for sale column in six months.

Don’t bother. You can get excellent bread from shops and as much as it’s lovely making at home it’s faff.
Most people start well and fade quickly.
No idea how you attribute health benefits to it either.

I used a bread maker a while back and it’s great for making dough, but not so good at baking it. Using the machine to make the dough and then transfering it to a tin and oven baking gave good results.

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Simply that it’s better than eating supermarket bought bread with all the salt, additives etc.

Think it depends on the relative levels of salt in home made and shop bought bread on the health thing.

Anyway, we have had a Kenwood for 11 years used mostly on the dough programme (better for stuff as it removes the chances of dough pan explosions if you get the hydration a bit wrong).


No additives.

The trouble with this is you eat all the bread ‘before it goes off’ (Same day) A loaf a day will make a Meat man out of most folks - which is admirable.

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You can always slice it up and freeze it :baguette_bread:


Fronzen bread? Society is bound for collapse.


For God’s sake man, get a grip.


Q Do I need a breadmaker?
Q Are you selling your house?

The answer to the second question is the answer to the first :grinning:

Here’s an easy recipe that doesn’t need a bread maker. It takes 18-24 hours but only about 5 mins of that is actually doing something & the rest is waiting. And it tastes great :ok_hand:

No-knead bread recipe

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Is that the only meme you have? You’ll wear a hole in it using it so regularly.

It just seems so appropriate :baguette_bread:


I use a Panasonic which makes nice bread …I’ve had it a long time and was priceless through the Covid period .I’m not sure if Airfryers can do the same


I was just about to post Panasonic, most folks I know swear by them👍

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Another happy Panasonic user here. It just works. Get one.

Always known as ‘fucking panasonic’ here :+1:

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