Bristol Show 2019 Feb 22-24


No arm rest is a tad risky


makes me feel like i want to take up limbo dancing, although i’d need to be in a state of detumescence before trying


Fuck me, might as well throw the cart in the general direction of the turntable and hope for the best.


VTA looks a little high.


Azimuth is off as well.


Lovely with ice and lemon :+1:



Musical Fuckology amp :face_with_head_bandage::face_with_head_bandage:




Nay Sayers be damned - The Joust and wheeled tracking stand is the finest combination ever conceived packing a punch and sex appeal that rocks all worlds. (Even if the VTA is a bit out)


In the Technics room, Audio Note not open yet, aaaaarrrghhh.
Nice new turntable, SL1500 based on 1210 and around 900 including Ortofon cart.
(Sorry will stop talking about hifi…) :wink:


I just realised this is this weekend. Pondering whether I should head up to Brizzle.


Hifi or sophisticated butt plug.
Awaiting advice from Penance…


Aaaaah, Audio Note room now open, home at last.
Caught the last of Relax by Frankie, all hail AN!





And freebies pics as well😀


At your command. :grin:



Have they got the SP10R ?