Building costs

I’ve had a quote for some work, bit shocked at the price, although I’ll freely admit I’ve no real idea of building costs.

Work is:
Remove existing prefab concrete garage and base.
Pour new concrete slab approx 12x3.6m with retaining wall along one 12m side.

Quote is £15.5k, this is without the new garage.
Am I correct in thinking this is a bit steep?

Sounds it to me, but I haven’t had done work for a fair while, so ?

How high is the retaining wall?

Height above ground is about 300mm

300mm not 3000mm?

Get at least two more quotes, then you’ll know if the first is high or not :+1:


Yep, 300.
The base is on a slight slope.
The current base had no retaining wall so soil has washed out from under the slab on the downhill side.

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He’s not Donald Trump


I’m waiting on another builder to come and quote. It’s proving hard to find builders to quote.


I wouldn’t really class something 300mm high as a retaining wall. I would probably just cast a toe on the edge of the slab.

It sits right against the boundary so I don’t think that would be possible.
I’m probably using the wrong term but essentially needs a wall to pour against

Consult a structural engineer.

It shouldn’t cost you anything, just post the details on ‘X’ where there are at least 40 million structural engineers just desperate to help, based on the comments relating to the Baltimore bridge…



But, cost?

I’ve been out of the game for a few years and I’m shocked every time I want to buy anything to do bits and bobs for myself. Also you’ve identified a big part of the problem, no one is interested in pricing the job.
Lots of work and not that many builders available.

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Entirely the reason for the comedy (possibly) quote.

So, safe to say I should not accept that quote?
But what is a reasonable price for the work?

Where’d you live?
How much building work is happening locally?
etc, etc…
Supply and demand. Shit builders will be available. Good builders won’t. Sometimes it’s worth waiting for the right people.



I know we all love being funny cunts with unhelpful hilarity, but the truth is that the right price is what you’re willing to pay, and builders can rinse you for whatever they can get since there are more punters than grunters right now.

Just had a load of groundworks done here - about 100m of soil pipe, two massive soakaways dug and fitted out to current regs, access points, silt traps, £7,700. Builder drives a fucking Mclaren, and a I have a neon sign on my forehead with the word MUG brightly lit…

Could you hire a skip and a mini-digger + breaker attachment and do the removal side yourself? Then find a slab pouring specialist - should be cheaper, as the more specialised the work, the more they tend to like it: quick in/out and on to the next job…