Butter wars (aka the prof vs everyone except Jim)

I’ve noticed a predilection for this substance across the forum. Don’t care for it myself, butter should taste like butter. Might just as well down a jigger of soy sauce with every bite as eat this stuff.
Am I rong?



Very very wrongly.


The salt provides the perfect foil for the sweetness of the dish.

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Thought I’d give some of that foo french wanky butter a try after all the fucking plebs kept bleeting on about it in the hot cross bun thread, got some salted and unsalted french stuff from waitrose and the unsalted was fucking awful and the salted was slightly less fucking awful.

I’m sticking to kerrygold proper butter.



Salt is a nice flavour, I just find it dominates in this case. I ate salted as a youngster and believed that unsalted was only for baking. But now that I use unsalted for all purposes I’ll never go back. Never I say!!


Your loss :roll_eyes:

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Is the correct answer.

Whaddabout something not sweet, like toast, huh?

A perfect bedfellow to the savoury nature of the toast.

No, I think the unsalted aficionado has no place here.

is perhaps more accurate


Salt complements sweet, now salt complements savoury; get off the fence. I can understand salted on something like a HCB, btw.

Sigh, Canute holding back the tides.

I’ll conduct an experiment later this evening as have a block of unsalted that we have been using to lubricate the hinges of the coal bunker.

2 crumpets…one winner.


Pure filth!

Lurpak spreadable is the bst.


^^ This man knows where it’s at.

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I bought President spreadable the other day. It’s really nice, if not fantastically spreadable straight out of the fridge. No veg oil, they use single cream instead.

Lurpack will no longer appear on our shopping list.

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Best butter? That’s a whole topic all on its own. The question here is salted or unsalted, choose a side.

Tried President - tastes fine but doesn’t spread from fridge so no good for me.