Went to Toronto a few years ago and really liked the place so I fancy a trip back and maybe take in Quebec, Montreal and Ottawa. Anyone visited recently? Thoughts?

Brother in Law and his family have just emigrated to Vancouver Island. Not been yet but from the pics and vids it looks stunning. It is 3000 miles further west from the area you are talking about though​:smirk::smile:!
We are heading across there in September, really looking forward to it.

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Decades ago Mrs VB and I took a camper van holiday up the Icefields Parkway from Banff to Jasper. It was excellent, but very different from a city-based trip, of course. For work reasons it had to be towards the end of September which was very much end-of-season. So we had a lot of the landscape to ourselves, and some of the campsites were near deserted.

Yes Vancouver does look good. I just thought I would stick to one side or the other. Will hopefully get there one day.

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I was over in 2019 for a wedding but stayed a few weeks. Did a couple of nights in Toronto then the rest was up in the sticks. Thunder Bay and Kakabecca falls. Stating the obvious here but it really is vast. One of the guests at the wedding thought nowt of driving 21 hours straight to attend. Stayed for the weekend then drove 21hrs back. I loved it. Out fishing, quad biking etc. caught this on Lake Superior. I’m not that well travelled but it’s the best place I’ve been.


Haven’t been for many many years, but loved Montreal when I visited.

Vancouver and the rest of British Columbia is supposed to be amazing.


Montreal was fun. Vancouver with the mountains and sea is really something though.

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Me and Kate stayed in Ottawa on the side of the river. It was beautiful. We went white water rafting and walking in the forests and to drive in movies.
It was fabulous. I’d go back in a heartbeat


This is all sounding very positive :grinning:

Kelley @Professor_Chaos is your man for local knowledge :ok_hand:

I’d bloody love to go, but unlikely now.

Vancouver and the wilds are just fab :+1:

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My wife has family in Vancouver and we’ve been a few times.
I’ve always had an absolute blast over there, so much to do from Vancouver as a base, Whistler, Vc Island, Grouse Mt. Even Seattle and Washington state if you fill out all the forms.
If I was 20 years younger I’d emigrate. Zero doubt. It’s the best bits of the USA (space, opportunity, choice, lifestyle, etc) without the right wingers, expensive healthcare, and school shootings.
No idea about the middle bit or east coast though.


Ive been to Canada many times.

Ottawa nice city, didnt like Montreal, Quebec Ciry very French like a French town.

If you dsncy driving then try Calgary, Banff, Jadper, Whistler, Vancouver Island.
Fab views

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I would recommend visiting in mid September to mid October and doing Ottawa and a trip to the 1000 Islands area of Ontario-Québec-New York. Less busy and the fall colours are spectacular.


Visited Vancouver and stayed about 12 weeks in BC as a kid (Dad had a consulting job there & insisted on taking all of us). Would love to go back.

This West to East Canada journey begins in Vancouver.

Race Across the World, Series 3: Episode 1: BBC iPlayer - Race Across the World - Series 3: Episode 1 via @bbciplayer

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Started watching that a few days ago.

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I quite like it. They evidently choose teams with issues to resolve rather than just super capable, experienced travellers and it makes it more interesting. This Canada one does give a spectacular backdrop and the scale of the place presents challenges you might not find in more populous locations.

Hel watches this and I occasionally take notice when they shoot the scenery well. The ‘drama’ inside the competing teams is all a bit meh but it’s good harmless entertainment.

Anyone going to Canada needs to make a pilgrimage here. The phrase "should have been a Meat Man doesn’t even come close:


Oh ya :+1:
Also in Montréal is Schwartz’s Deli. It’s nothing fancy, just an old skool Jewish deli and the lineup to get in is insane at times. But the sandwiches are incredible.
Toronto delis generally serve corned beef as most of the early Jewish population came from Poland, in Montréal you get smoked meat (pastrami) as most of its Jewish emigres came from Romania.