Capturing a recording from Sky box

I have a recording on a Sky+HD box which I would like to keep.

Anybody know if it is possible? If so, how do I do it?

DVD recorder?

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I have stuff on ours recorded from 5 years ago that I have under keep so I don’t accidentally delete them

Like this?

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Reading that, it seems it will have to be from the Sky box to a DVD recorder.

Not sure if I have one, I’ll have a look.

I have it under ‘keep’ but just worried in case the box/hard drive fails.

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Looks to me like you can get a video capture device for a PC for about £50 and use that, or take out the HD from the Sky box and get some decrypting software. Both are faff. Obviously easier to pirate it from somewhere if it’s available.

It’s an old recording of Island Medics that featured Lou. It’s not available on iPlayer and won’t be elsewhere, so I need to find a way to save it for posterity

Which season and episode?

It doesn’t say which season, just that it is episode 9 of 10.

Looking back on here, it appears to be series 1

would something like this help?

External USB Video Capture Card - August VGB100 - Transfer VHS Home Videos to PC / Capture Xbox 360 and PS3 Gameplay / S-Video and Composite In

just need a SCART (does the sky box still have a Scart out) to RCA converter.

It appears you can’t do it that way (see Greg’s post above) it needs to be a DVD ‘recorder’ which I appear not to own. I gave a very good one to the Scalford raffle a few years ago, but it seems I’ll have to buy one now.

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I should have it in 1080p in a bit, I’ll send you a link tomorrow


Ooh, man makes magic.

I won’t ask you how, but I will be very happy if you can manage that.

I now have a copy of this on my hard drive (and a back up!) thanks to @AmDismal Huge thanks for sorting this for me, Adam.



Cool, I’ll be your off-site backup!


Cheers, I also have it on Dropbox :grin: