Amen to that brother.:clown_face:

Great. The “sod all to live for” part threw me a bit.

I believe that sentiment applies universally - unless you are in denial.:skull_and_crossbones:

Cheery cunt aren’t you?

No matter. You’ve penned another good contender for the forum tagline.

See, life isn’t so meaningless after all. :+1:

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Knocking back paracetamol with cheap red wine that has been opened for a bit too long. If I had TB I’d be Bohemian.


Waiting for the outcome of a team meeting on Friday to see what is going to happen with Lou who remains in Aberdeen RI

Meanwhile she was on telly this morning. It’s near the end 40 mins on

Oh, and she’ll kill me for posting this! :flushed:


Best of luck mate. Dr. Bulger seems like a good sort.

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Yes, he’s great. Sadly only a locum though, I wish he would consider taking the post permanently.

I saw the episode this morning, didn’t realise Lou featured in it, shall have to repeat watch. Uncanny really as I rarely watch tv, even Mrs S commented on the idyllic setting and was most impressed when I informed her of your dwelling.
Hope all is well tomorrow.

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so you have a vacancy for a Dr then?

Yes, several. The surgery on Yell is staffed exclusively with locums

I think he means “physician”.

Software folks with pills and scalpels = bad idea :smile:

If that’s what you were thinking …


Aah, proper doctor :man_health_worker:

Lou’s op planned to go ahead on 28th has been postponed and is now subject to further long term tests. She arrived home yesterday, so at least we get to spend Christmas together.

The whole situation is doing her (and my) head in. 5 1/2 weeks in hospital and we feel no further forward. It’s like playing snakes and ladders, except the stakes are higher.

Rubbish, the uncertainty is appalling I imagine, all I can say is that it’s probably better to have doctors that take time to consider and reflect than ones that dive straight in, scalpel first. At least you get to have Xmas together. Good luck.


I feel for you both. Not knowing what’s happening and not being able to plan, it must be really gut wrenching. The positive is that you’re home together and will be able to enjoy Christmas with each other.

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That’s appalling Paul but as Adam said, sometimes procrastination is a good thing. Spend the season enjoying yourselves. Try not to think about it (easier said than done) and see what the NY brings.



Sounds awful,glad you are both home for xmas :+1:

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I just can’t imagine what you’re both going through. Best of luck to you.

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Sorry to hear of this latest delay Paul, but hopefully it is for the best :+1:

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